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Q: Will it turn me orange?

A: No, we use a green base with a reddish undertone to avoid an orange look.  However, do not overuse the product or it can look unnatural.


Q: Does it streak?

A: RST will not streak as long as the product is applied correctly.  Please apply firmly, quickly, and with longer strokes avoiding circular motions.  Pretend like you are applying sunscreen.  You would never go to the beach or pool with white streaks of sunscreen on you.  You would rub and rub until it is streak free and absorbed on your skin.


Q: How many days does the tan last?

A: The tan will last 7-10 days on average depending on how much product you apply.


Q: How many uses per bottle?

A: 6-8 uses per bottle but some people report even more.


Q: Can you put it on your face?

A: YES.  All RST products are safe and good for your face.


Q: Is RST okay for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions?

A: YES.  Always consult with your physician but we have had MANY reports of people with sensitive skin and or skin conditions saying that it soothed their skin.


Q: How long should I allow the product to set in before I rinse?

A: 6-8 hours.  The longer you let it set in the longer it will last and the darker it will get.


Q: Is it safe for pregnant women?

A: Yes, it is safe for pregnant women, however, please consult with your physician prior to use.


Q: What is the difference between the Tropical Bronze and the YOUTH?

A: The YOUTH is a thinner based self tanner in a spray top.  The Tropical Bronze is a thicker blend in a flip disc top.  The YOUTH and Tropical Bronze are both the same DHA level, both moisturize, but the YOUTH has a few more active anti-aging ingredients in it that help reduce radicals that cause skin damage and aging.