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Services and Pricing


Rossa Self Tanning offers the best bronze spray tan solution on the market! Our sunless spray tanning solutions are made with the finest exotic natural and organic ingredients. Whether you own a salon, spa, gym, or simply have the desire for in home spray tanning equipment, you’ve come to the right place.  The natural fading and anti-aging ingredients found in the spray tanning solutions make it the best spray tan available. We know you will keep coming back for this ¬ďamazing, great smelling tan.

Here at Rossa Self Tanning, we are confident we are providing you with the best possible custom spray tan around. We value the customers desire for a natural, streak-less look, and put precision and skill into every tanning application.

With Rossa Self Tanning’s mobile service, we make it convenient for the client. We all have busy schedules these days, why not bring this pharmaceutical grade tan to your own home?! This service does not stop at just individual tans. Rossa Self Tanning provides tans for dancers, body building, fitness and physique competitors, and individuals who want a beautiful UV free tan! The sky is the limit with Rossa Tans!

Spray tanning is the new trend to obtain beautifully tanned skin – skin that will have people asking “where have you been?!”. Due to the dangerous outcomes and results of ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds, spray tanning has become the benchmark for acquiring a risk free glowing tan. For you individuals who still want a tanned complexion and are looking for a safe alternative – sunless tans are you best option!

Mobile Service

Rossa Self Tanning is a mobile tanning service that aims to fit the needs of the individual client. Busy schedules can affect everyone’s time to get to a tanning salon. Let’s bring that service to you. With our portable pop-up tent, we make it easy to tan anywhere!

Dance Formals

Dances and formals fall under the referral program. *SEE REFERRAL PROGRAM


We want you to look your best on your special day. We recommend a full body tan the day before the wedding. The more people you bring, the more money you save!

Referral Program

These days, we are all looking to save money any way we can. When calling to make an appointment, bringing others with you will lower your cost. The referral program works as follows:

With Rossa Self Tanning, we use all of our clients as a reference to spread the word about our beautiful tans. Why not save money in the process? When making an appointment, think about your friends! If you bring 1 person with you, we take $5 off of your tan. If you bring  2 people with you, we take $10 off of your tan!  The more people you bring the more you save!  So why not throw a Tanning Party?! This gives everyone an opportunity to save money on their tan. Split the cost!

Party Packages

Plan a tanning party with friends! For a party over 10 people, tans will cost only $30 per person! This will give you an opportunity to have a fun-filled night full of friendly conversation, drinks, food and, of course, a gorgeous tan. It also will allow you to learn how to use our machine! In the future, Rossa Self Tanning plans to sell our machines to those individuals who would like to spray tan on their own!

Fitness and Body Building Competitors

In Rossa Self Tanning’s short time as a small business, we have grown a lot of popularity in the Pittsburgh area for Fitness and Body Building Competition Tans!  Almost all of our clients and athletes have either won or placed in the show(s) in which they had used Rossa Self Tanning.  Our precise methods get you stage ready and not only gets you as dark as you need to be, but it looks clean at the same time!

We sponsor 10 Fitness athletes on their way to promising fitness careers!  Check them out and follow their journeys to inspire!


Mobile Services

Full Body Tans:
(More than 10 miles of travel: $45)

Tanning Packages
(4 tans):

Touch Up Tans:

Face Tans:

Fitness and Physique Competition Tans
3 Tan Package Before Show:


Bride and Groom:
$30 each

Bridal Party:
$40 each (1-3 people)
$35 each (over 3 people)